No there will be no financial implication on investors end

There will be no charges absolutely

It will be same as it is now and will be handled by Prasad Sangam and the team

Due to your support and trust we are now in the top 10 distributors in Pune. Hence, we have to undergo due diligence audit from Sebi every year, in there audit they had a question on succession planning and they suggested us to convert it to Pvt Ltd company so that the customer will get uninterrupted and transparent services in future.

The same mobile app and website will be used and the login details will remain same.

No, the company address will not change it will be as it is Acornia Investment Services Pvt Ltd Plot no 5 Srinath Society Mayur Colony Kothrud Pune 411038

There will be no change and Prasad Sangam will only be responsible for all the future transaction and your investment

To increase services and professionalism we are shifting from individual to Pvt ltd, there will be no impact on your investment.

No action required the mail sent to all investors was to inform you about the change.

This action is taken with keeping the continuity in the service to be provided to the investor, which will increase the transparency and to manage your trust.

As of now Prasad Sangam and Tarun Sangam will be the directors of the company.